Castle Vijverhof and its surroundings

The domain of Castle Vijverhof is located next to the Molenbeek in Korbeek-Lo (Bierbeek). It's centuries old history links back to the family of our queen Mathilde.

In 1219 Reiner Udekem founded a monastery in Pellenberg for his daughters. In 1263 Nicolaas baught a field next to his house in Korbeek. Another knight Nicolaas Udekem in 1367 owned a water mill and pachthof "d'Udekem with pools at Udekem in Korbeek-Lo".

As a water mill is located next to a stream and there is only one (large) in Korbeek-L, Van Ermen deduces that this water mill and houses were located right here.

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Domain Vijverhof is located next to the Molenbeek in Korbeek-Lo, part of Bierbeek. The name of Bierbeek comes from the old Dutch "birre, borre" that means "bron" and links to the Molendaalbeek that springs here. The word "birre" was later wrongly seen as a form of the word "beer". In the dialect "Burrebeik" one can still recognize the old word of "birre".

According to the legend, the name Bierbeek really comes from Emperer Charles. It says that the inhabitants of the village used to drink from the same jar after the sunday mass. The women did not like this as all the work was left alone... therefore they decided to ask Keizer Karel to visit, disguised as a farmer when they were drinking again. As they did not know nor recognized him, they always passed the jar passed the stranger.

Up to this certain point that the emperor got furious and made himself known to the farmers. In reveDat ging zo voort tot de Keizer het beu werd, plots woedend recht sprong en zich bekend maakte. To avenge for the affected libel he gave command to bring all remaining vessels of beer to the stream and pour them out so that a stream of beer formed itself.


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